Cherry Tree Lottery

We have received word that 26 Yoshino cherry trees were shipped to Norbeck Meadows on Wednesday. While the original plan was to order 25 cherry trees and hold a lottery if that number of requests was exceeded, your intrepid executive board scrounged up enough money for 26 trees and planting kits, so that all homeowners who requested a tree will receive one.

Homeowners who signed up for a tree will be receiving additional instructions from NMCA Secretary Katie Harris regarding the planting. Watch your emails!! Many thanks to our Treasurer Jack Meyer for his efforts in causing this program to come to fruition.

Park Clean-Up Cancelled

Due to the need for volunteers in the cherry tree planting program, the park clean-up previously scheduled for this Sunday, October 7, is cancelled. 

After many years of hauling out literally tons of debris, our park is generally in good shape.  We shall double our efforts with regard to park clean-up next spring.  Much credit goes to First Vice President and Environmental Chairperson David Miller for the work he has done over the years in reversing the use of our parkland as an illegal dump.

Volunteers Needed

If you can spare a couple of hours sometime during the first two weeks of December to deliver copies of the Community Directory to your neighbors, we would greatly appreciate your help.  I actually performed this duty last fall, and it is simply a matter of placing copies of the Community Directories in the mailboxes of your neighbors.  The entire job can easily be completed in less than two hours.  (However, add a little extra time if you want to stop and visit.)

Interested? Let us know!